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Solution-E1 TDM over IP Provide Voice Service through GPON System

GPON network system cost is much cheaper than SDH or ATM system. The existing telephone work through the GPON network, which will be a cost-effective solution which save much infrastructure cost. The solution reduce much project cost.


E1 TDM over IP point to multipoint application

BAUDCOM E1 TDM over IP can support point to multipoint application. One 16E1 TDM over IP device can work more units 8E1 TDM over IP or 4E1 TDM over IP or 2E1 TDM over IP. Of course, one unit 8E1 TDM over IP also can work with some 2E1 or 1E1 TDMOIP devices. Point to multipoint application, one big capacity E1 TDMoIP device working with more small capacity  E1 TDMoIP devices, which reduce project cost and easily manage and maitaince.

e1 tdm over IP point to multipoint

GPON and E1 TDM over IP

Baudcom’s TDM over IP device (TDMoIP) provide voice service. The TDM over IP device provide the voice service through the existing GPON system which is a cost-effective communication system. 

One unit 8E1 (or 16E1) TDMoIP device work with one 4E1 TDMoIP, one 2E1 TDMoIP and two E1 TDMoIP. The voice service provider make cost down because of reducing device quantity and network facilities.


   The 8E1 TDM over IP device is located in central telecom room (central site). The 4E1/2E1/E1 TDM over IP devices are located in the terminal building (terminal site).The voice service are provided to residents. In the central site, the voice service are provided to GPON Ethernet network through the 8E1 over Ethernet device (BD-8E1-IP). In the terminal sites, the voice PBX device communicate with the central MSC switch by the 4E1 TDM over IP (site A), 2E1 TDM over IP (site B), E1 TDM over IP (site C and site D).