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how to extend GPON transmission distance

Generally GPON transmission distance is 10KM (GPON based on 1x128 splitter or 20K (GPON based on 1x64 splitter) . Sometimes the distance between central site (OLT location) and user site (ONT location) is more than 20KM. How to resolve the problem? How to extend the PON transmission distance?

BAUDCOM GPON repeater can extend the PON transmission, which make the maximum distance between GPON OLT and ONT be 60km.

GPON repeater application diagram

The GPON OEO repeater is an optical transmission equipment which magnify and reshape signals during optical transmission process. It can effectively save OLT quantity and lengthen network transmission distance. The OEO fiber repeater equipement have been widely applied for long-distance transmission in various optical communication applications.

    If there is more PON ports, you can choose the PON aggregation extender

,which can support at least 8PON ports. Baudcom PON aggregation extender is ideal application for big capacity PON application.

pon aggregation extender application


pon aggregation extender work schematic

PON aggregation extender receive the optical signal from OLT, then reshape the signal and aggregate them together, then output optical signal and amplify it. Extend 40-50KM distance.