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E1 TDM over IP application in Satellite communication

   The Ethernet over E1 converter adapts the advanced TDM over IP technology by allowing transmitting traditional E1 links over existing Ethernet or IP networks.
The operator can use TDMoIP Gateway to transmit TDM over both wired and wireless networks.
E1/TDM over Ethernet Multiplexer (TDM over IP / E1 over Packet) solutions in satellite application:
E1 TDM over ip application in satellite communication

Baudcom E1 TDM over IP (also called TDMoIP Gateway) is a cost-effective solution for switching to data transfer over IP networks technology for traditional telecommunication technologies. 
Baudcom E1 TDMOIP is the new generation of the TDM over IP equipment with IP circuit emulation that supports transportation of  E1/T1 over Ethernet or IP network. The uplink ports is  IEEE 802.3 compliant, 10/100BaseT auto-sensed Ethernet port.