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How to make 16E1 tdm over IP work with 4E1 TDM over IP

Can Baudcom 16E1 TDM over IP work with 4E1 TDM over IP ?

BD-16E1-IP is the TDM/Packet processing unit. It truncates E1/T1 data stream, and encapsulates the data into Ethernet packet with or without IP headers. The packets are passed to the Ethernet switch unit via MII interface, and are sent out through the uplink ports. Baudcom 16E1 over Ethernet multiplexer can work as point to point application. Two units 16E1 over Ethernet device work as one pair.

BAUDCOM 16E1 TDMoIP device also can work with 2E1/4E1/8E1 TDM over IP, they work as point to multi-point application.

16E1 TDM over IP application

                            point to point application

E1 TDMoIP point to multipoint application




To make 16E1 and 4E1 device work together, how to configure the them?

The belows are the steps:

1 load the management by input ip address

  Account: admin   password: admin

E1 TDMOIP configuration

2. Set the IP address after loading,

 the two devices IP address can not be same. Then click E1 Channel under E1 Management to set Enable. You need to enable all the E1s that you will use.

The desitination IP address is another device (for example,4E1 TDM over IP) IP address.

In Advance button, set the 16E1 TDM over IP IP address.