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How to make phone extension | phone over fiber | phone over Ethernet

If office move to another building. We want to keep the phones number unchanged. How can we make the phones extendsion?

There are three solutions to make voice phone extendsion.

Solution1: voice phone over Ethernet transmission

If you have existing Ethernet IP network, you can adopt the phone voice over Ethernet transmission solution. Baudcom’s POTs phone over E1 converter work with E1 over TDM over IP can meet the voice over Ethernet application. The application diagram as below:

  Solution2: voice phone over fiber transmission

If you have fiber network resource or you can lay fiber cable easily,you can choose the voice over fiber transmission solution. According to your phones quantity, you can choose different voice over fiber multiplexer. Baudcom can provide 4channel voice phone over fiver multiplexer,8channel/16channel/30channel also be available. If your phones number is large, you also can choose the phones fiber mux rack chassis which can make maximum 360channel phone over fiber transmission. The below is the 30channel phone over fiber multiplexer application diagram:  

voice over fiber multiplexer application diagram

    If your fiber cable is shortage, we can provide the WDM phone fiber multiplexer to resolve the fiber resource limit problem. The phone fiber multiplexer device also can be with Ethernet data.

Solution3: voice phone over E1 transmission

If you have existing E1 network (PHD,SDH),you can choose the voice phone over E1 converter device. The application as below: