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E1 fiber modem application solution


Application Note:
It can save nearly 50% cost by the combination application of signal E1 fiber modem, Ethernet fiber modem and E1/Ethernet converter. This application reduces the failure and equipment invests.

    Fiber Modem also known as single-port fiber optic multiplexer, it’s developed according to a particular user environment. It’s a set of three equipments (an Ethernet or V.35 fiber modem, an E1 fiber modem and a converter).

    The equipments used large-scale integrated chip circuit; the circuit is simple, low power consumption, high reliability Alarm state with a comprehensive network management functions and complete instructions. Our company has developed and produced single E1 multiplexer, single V.35 multiplexer and Ethernet multiplexer. Several mixed-use multiplexers can also be associated with the mixed use interface converters, and also provide a plug-in card-type fiber modem.