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How to extend serial RS232 transmission distance

RS232 is an standard industrial control port,many devices have such port,for example,PC,printer,projector etc.

Sometimes,the RS232 terminal equipement is too far from communication equipement (for example PC). The RS232 signal can not be transmitted for the long distance via RS232 cable.How to extend the RS232 signal transmission distance.

There are three solutions for the RS232 extension.

Solution1: RS232 extend via ethernet

point to point serial RS232 converter application

In the application diagram,the RS232 is extended by two units RS232/Ethernet converter.This is RS232 point to point application.

serial rs232 to ethernet converter application

In the diagram,the RS232 signal is transmitted to PC by serial console converter.The RS232 conversion software need to be installed in the PC.


Solution2: RS232 extend by fiber

If there is the fiber cable between the RS232 terminal equipement and communication equipement,the RS232 signal can be transmitted by fiber. BAUDCOM RS232 fiber modem can support the application. The RS232 via fiber distance can be up to 120KM.

 RS232 to fiber application

Solution3: RS232 extended via wireless

rs232 to wifi ethernet application


RS232 is transmitted via wireless,need not to make kinds cables. BAUDCOM serial rs232 to wifi ethernet converter can support the application.