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2 to 60 Core Outdoor Optical Cable
GYTY53 2-60 Core Outdoor Optical Cable

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1. Colored fiber Coated outside diameter:125.0±0.1um 

Optical fiber diameter:242±7um UV 

color fiber: Standard chromatogram -Blue,Orange,Green,Brown,Gray/Slate,White,Red,Black,Yellow,Violet,Rose/Pink,Aqua 

2. Tube filling compound(Gel)

3. PBT loose tube 

4. Steel wire Central strength member 

5. Core filling compound 

6. Black PE inner jacket 

Outside diameter: 7.5±0.2mm 

7. Corrugated steel tape 

8. Filler 

9.Black PE out jacket Outside diameter: 12.0±0.2mm

Parameters of fiber


 Optical fiber type Unit  SM G652  SM G652D  MM 50/125 MM 62.5/125   MM OM3-300
 Waveband  nm  1310/1550  1310/1550  850/1300  850/1300  850/1300
 Attenuation  dB/km  0.36/0.23  0.36/0.23  3.0/1.0  3.0/1.0  3.0/1.0

Product parameters

 Performance  Long-term  Short-term
 Max. Tension(N)  700  1500
 Max. Crushing Resistance(N/100mm2)  500  1500
 Min. Bending Radius  30D(Dynamic)  15D(Static)
 Storage and operating temperature  -40℃-﹢70℃  -40℃-﹢70℃


Appearance and packaging

 1. No damage on the surface; no trachoma.

 2. Wooden tray packaging; wood whole seal packaging 

 3. Segment length: no less than 1000M. The segment length of each tray of the same batch shall be similar as much as possible. Other lengths can be agreed upon through consultation. 

 4. Report certificate: It includes optical cable inspection number, optical cable type, core number, optical fiber type, length, etc

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