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what is E1 g703 balun?

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What is a Blaun?
A balun is an electrical device that converts between a balanced signal (two signals working against each other where ground is irrelevant) and an unbalanced signal (a single signal working against ground or pseudo-ground). The origin of the word balun is bal(ance) + un(balance).

What is E1 Blaun?
E1 balun are passive devices that convert E1 signal between balanced (120ohm RJ48 TP) and unbalanced (75 ohm BNC coax) interface and vice versa. In addition, E1 Balun can provide impedance transformation, thus name E1 Balun as impedance converter.

E1 Balun's Application:
A balun's function is generally to achieve compatibility between systems. They are appllied in data transmission networks device.E1 G.703 impedance balun solve the mismatch between UTP and coaxial cable. They are used to convert an E1 carrier signal from coaxial cable (BNC connector,1.0/2.3 connector,1.6/5.6connector) to UTP CAT-5 cable or IDC connector.The E1 G.703 balun also perform 120 ohm to 75 ohm signal conversion,used as impedance converter.
E1 Balun types:
Depending on the coax connector type and the RJ45 connector, there are several models available:
Depending on the E1 channels, there are several models available:
These Balun types can meet kinds of customers application requirements.

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