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what is difference between TDM over IP and E1 to ethernet converter?

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Some customers often confuse in project:using TDM over IP or using E1 to ethernet converter?The document help to answer the question

Many users often confuse the difference between TDM over IP device and E1 to Ethernet converter device. Some users choose the wrong device in the project application. The document introduce the difference between TDM over IP and E1 to Ethernet converter.
Key words: TDM over IP TDMOIP E1 over Ethernet E1 to Ethernet converter Ethernet over E1
E1 to ethernet converter:
E1 to Ethernet converter (also called E1 network bridge) is to transmit Ethernet data over E1 network (PDH,SDH network etc). The Ethernet port connect to terminal device,computer,Ethernet switch,Ethernet router etc. The device抯 E1 port connect to mail network(PDH SDH etc). The typical application as below.
ethernet over E1 converter application diagram
TDM over IP:
TDM over IP (TDMOIP) is to transmit the E1 data over ethernet network. It transports the legacy E1 data through the existing Ethernet or IP network. The typical application is transmit voice and data over wireless radio network.

E1 over ethernet TDM over IP application diagram

TDM over IP is a cost effective solution for the traditional telecom services migrate to the IP packet network. The technology need to do the E1 clock retiming and clock recovery.
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