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Why we need E1 balun?

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The E1 g.703 balun can resolve the interface mismatch problem and improve the signal quality.

1. interface converter

   Many PDH device have only one kind interface,75ohm BNC coax or 120ohm RJ45 (also called R48). We often need different interface in application field, so we need to convert the interface from 75ohm coax to 120ohm RJ45, or converter from 120ohm RJ45 to 75ohm coax. The E1 balun is the ideal device to resolve the mismatch problem.The E1 balun can converter the interface between 75ohm (coax port) and 120ohm (RJ45 port).The E1 balun’s volume is small and need not power, it is very convenient for the converter application.

2. improve the E1 signal quality

  The E1 balun can suppress the noise in E1 signal and improve signal quality, making the E1 signal can transmit longer distance in cable.

Related production information:

 The device can with two kinds interface 75ohm and 120ohm:

1.       E1 to Ethernet converter | Ethernet over E1

2.      E1 to V35 Protocol Converter

3.      4E1 to Ethernet Converter

4.      E1 Fiber Modem

5.      E1 over ethernet TDM over IP converter

6.      4/8/16/32 channel voice over E1

Most of the multi-port device can not be with two kinds interface 75ohm and 120ohm:

For example, 16 E1 to Ethernet Converter, 8E1 to Ethernet Converter, 16E1 Fiber Multiplexer, 8E1 PDH Optical Multiplexer

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