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16E1 to Ethernet Converter
The 16E1/Ethernet converter provide 16E1 ports,4 ethernet ports.double power support AC220V+DC48V.Providing super terminal or SNMP management. Baudcom's 16E1 to Ethernet LAN converter realize Ethernet transparent transmission over 1~16E1 with maximum transmit rate of 31.68Mb/s.

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Baudcom’s 16E1/Ethernet converter realize Ethernet transparent transmission over 1~16E1 with maximum transmit rate of 31.68Mb/s. The converter adopts with international standard protocol (G.7041、G.7042、G.7043、G.8040) at all layers and able to intercommunicate with other supplier’s products followed the same standard. The device not only provides perfect alarm/status indication for E1 and Ethernet interface, but also with senior management function such as Ethernet data traffic statistics etc. The device is with high integration, low power consumption, stable performance and easy to use.


   ●   Realize Ethernet data transmission over 1~16E1

   ●   Support auto delete the fault E1 channels (BER more than 1E-6 or a serious warning LOS/AIS/LOF or the signal loop back); Auto-restore the use of E1 after eliminate the failure.

   ●   For 16 E1 channels, the maximum tolerable time delay difference between any two can be up to 220ms. It will have an alarm for exceed the limit when the time delay difference over 220ms, meanwhile, business interrupt jitter tolerance, jitter transfer characteristics in the line with ITU-T G.823.、

   ●   Provide 4 maximum shared Ethernet interface, support VLAN division based on interface, in the line with IEEE 802.1Q standard

   ●   Provide 1024 pieces MAC address table, 5 minutes aging time

   ●   Support frame length: minimum: 64 bytes, maximum: 1916 bytes.

   ●   Provide flux statistics for each Ethernet interface, such as the fault package number and total package number etc.

   ●   Provide PAUSE flux control function, can be equipped with network management.

   ●   Support trunk super terminal management or network management based on SNMP. (optional)

   E1 Interface
 Line Rate: 2.048Mbps±50ppm
     Line Code : HDB3
     Interface Standard: ITU-T G.703
     E1 Impedance: 75Ω(unbalance) 
     Connections : dual coax BNC
     Jitter tolerance : finer than G.742 and G.823
10/100Base-T Interface
  Rate: 10/100M, full/duplex auto-negotiation
  Protocol: Support IEEE 802.3,IEEE 802.1Q (VLAN)
  MAC Address Entiries: 4096 Entiries
  Total Memory Sizes: 64MBits SDRAM
  Physical interface: RJ45, support AUTO-MDIX
Power supply                        
  working voltage range wide, good        
  anti-disturb and Isolation, work stable     
  DC-48V,range DC-36V~DC-72C   
  AC220V,range AC165V~AC240V
environment condition                  
  Operating temperature:  0C~+50 C        
  Storage temperature:   -20 C~+70 C
  Relative temperature:95% (uncondensed)

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