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Will fiber media converter be replaced by PON?

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Nowadays, PON is getting more and more popular in the access market because of its convenience. But many people may have this thought that will media converter be replaced by PON? In this article, let us talk about it.

What is Media Converter?

Media converter is a simple but useful devices that can provide conversion between fiber optic and other types of media. The most common use of fiber media converter is transmission between fiber and copper to extend the network or introduce fiber optic cabling to a copper based network. As these devices can be installed almost everywhere in the network and it is affordable, they are also being designated for many other applications. And there is also PoE media converter.

media converter

10/100M Ethernet Fiber Media Converter

What is PoE?

PoE is the abbreviation of Power over Ethernet. It is a power over Ethernet technology. This technology can transmit power through a network cable to a device that needs power at the other end. Generally, when used in this way, there are both data and power in the network cable, and there are two kinds of data at the same time, so the general cable can be reduced, which is very convenient in some cases. In addition to a suitable Ethernet cable, PoE requires a device that can be powered by PoE, as well as a dedicated PoE router or an ordinary router with an intermediary power switch.


At present, the commonly used devices in this area include PoE switches and PoE media converter. They are all power supply devices. Power is supplied through them without additional power wiring. There are also PoE extenders, but they do not supply power. PoE extender is used to extend the power transmission distance. We know that the PoE power supply can reach 100 meters. If you need 150 meters or 200 meters, you need to use this thing.

Fiber Media Converter

10/100M POE Fiber Media Converter

What is PON?

PON technology is an optical transmission technology, and PoE is two completely different concepts. PON is the abbreviation of Passive Optical Network. It is a very important form of optical fiber access system, with a significant market share in the access market. It only uses optical fibers and passive components, and does not use active components such as amplifiers or repeaters. The network system can be classified as fiber to the home (FTTH), fiber to the curb (FTTC), fiber to the building (FTTB), and so on, depending on the PON terminals used.

It is a single-fiber bidirectional optical access network using a point-to-multipoint structure. Compared with traditional optical fiber transmission, half of the optical fiber can be saved due to the use of a single core, and its transmission distance is longer, which can reach 20km. The last point is that it can also provide a relatively large bandwidth, which is a very good access method in network monitoring.


Although PON is getting more and more popular in the access market, media converter as traditional communication device, it still has huge demand, and is also upgrading. So the answer to the question is that media converter will not be replaced by PON.

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