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What is Session Border Controller (SBC)?

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What is SBC?

A Session Border Controller is a specific hardware device that can be used to secure and direct the flow of IP traffic. Session Border Controllers are used in big business framework or any transporter network offering business private, business, fixed line or mobile VoIP services. It is commonly deployed on the administrator and enterprise side of the connection.

The Session Border Controller is a network element that secures Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) -based VoIP. VoIP and SIP services use SIP to start, maintain, and halt their operations. SBC's main goal is to improve connection while also addressing security problems. A session border controller is used to control a user's IP communication session. SBC was designed to control VoIP networks, but they are increasingly used to control many types of online communication, including VoIP, text, video, and other collaborative formats.

SBC-Session Border Controller

What is VOIP?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, which allows anyone with an Internet connection to make phone conversations. It's a technology that lets you to make voice calls over the Internet rather than over a traditional phone line. With the rise of broadband, VoIP has become the preferred method of communication for both individuals and enterprises.

Why do you need Session Border Controllers?


The SBC functions similarly to a firewall or router, with the controller serving as the network's gatekeeper. All calls or conversations will be monitored by an SBC at the "network boundary." The controller not only monitors each connection, but it also determines and only enables authorized sessions to take place. Other media streams, such as video conferences or webinars, are included in sessions. Only permitted information is connected and transmitted over the network via one of these interworking technologies, which helps to block unauthorized traffic.


The SBC's main function is to connect a company's communications infrastructure to hosted PBX providers, private provider networks, and the public Internet. In addition, the SBC plays a number of vital tasks, including network maintenance and security. IPv4 and IPv6 networks, virtual private networks, and network address translation are all supported by SBC.


Session Border Controllers can boost call quality while still being simple to operate. The SBC keeps track of each session's quality of service status to guarantee that calls aren't delayed or jittered. Different services and calls are prioritized, and data is sent and transmitted without interruption or packet loss. Emergency calls on the network, for example, will be given higher priority than ordinary calls to ensure that they are completed with the best quality of service. These aid in the allocation of resources on your network elements, as well as the setting of a rate limit to prevent bandwidth hogging.

SBC also ensures VoIP and video equipment interoperability, tests VoIP lines, evaluates call quality, and more. You must use SBC if you receive a complaint regarding dropped or missed calls, bad call quality, or both.


Through this article, we can see the significant benefits of Session Border Controllers, without which you will have problems with call connectivity, media codec transcoding, and protocol handling. It guarantees the security of data in your VoIP network and internal network.

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