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16E1 to Optical Ethernet converter |optical ethernet over 16E1
16E1 to Optical Ethernet converter,16E1 ports,4*Ethernet ports: 1*Optical Ethernet port+3Electrical ethernet, Support SNMP management.

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Product function:

BD-16E1-OETH converter uses reverse multiplexing technology to transmit 10/100BaseT data with bonding multi E1 channels, thus realizing conversion between 1-16 E1 channels and Ethernet interface. It can transmit signals point-to-point from E1 channel to RJ45 interface to realize connection between E1 channel and Ethernet. Being different from general long-distance bridge, this converter supports flexible configuration of 1 to 16 channels E1 and can detect the number of E1 channel and choose available channel. In the meantime, certain difference of transmitting delay is allowed among E1 channels. When used in 10/100Mbps half/full duplex mode, this equipment can be connected with Ethernet switch or hub (integrated circuit machine) to expand transmitting distance and application scope of Ethernet by making full use of large number of E1 channels in current telecommunication network. It is an excellent solution for connecting Ethernet broadband. This product can be applied in many fields such as connection of LAN and end offices, video ordering (VOD), remote monitor and E1 interface of switches.


   ●   Realizes transparent transmission of Ethernet data in 1 to 16 E1 channels.

   ●   Ethernet supports 10M/100M, full/half duplex auto-negociation, supports VLAN.

   ●   Ethernet port supports AUTO-MDIX (cross over and straight through auto-adapt).

   ●   Setting CRC alarm limitation to auto isolate lines with low transmitting quality (being cut single-directionally); when error code rate of one direction in 2M branch exceeds the limitation, this direction is cut and the other direction will not be affected, namely the two transmitting directions of Ethernet can be unsymmetrical.

   ●   Allow 16 E1 channels up to 10ms transmission delay. When the delay exceeds allowed limit range, it can stop transmitting data automatically.

   ●   Has 2 loop back functions: E1 local loop, E1 remote loop.

   ●   Supports Dynamic Ethernet MAC address (4096) with local address filter function.

   ●   E1 interface compatible with ITU-T G.703, G.704, and G.823. not supporting signal timeslot.

   ●   E1 interface has internal clock recover circuit and HDB3 code/decode circuit.

   ●   Supports E1 channel hot plug, and auto detect effective E1 channels data transmission will not be cut.

   ●   Supports 1 to 16 E1 channels customized configuration, auto detect the number of E1 channels and select the available E1 when resetting.

   ●   Supports resetting remote system from local system.

   ●   Support SNMP network management

   ●   Having Ethernet monitor auto reset function.

  • Parameter and specifications
        E1 interface
    Standard: E1 interface compatible with G.703 standard.
    Rate: 2.048Mbit/s+50ppm
    Coding: HDB3
    Impedance: 75ohm ( unbalance) or 120ohm (balance)
    Connector: BNC (75ohm) or RJ45 (120ohm)
    Jitter Performance: According to G.742 and G.823
    Rate: 10M/100M, full/half duplex auto-adapt.
    Protocol: Support IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.1Q (VLAN)
    MAC address table: 4096 MAC addresses.
    Ethernet buffer: 64Mbits SDRAM
    Physical interface: RJ45, support AUTO-MDIX (cross over and straight through auto-adapt)
    19inch rackmount type:433 mm(L)×138mm(W)× 44 mm(H)
    Operating environment
    Voltage: DC-48V , input range:     DC-36V~DC-72V
    Power Consumption:       <=5 Watts
    Working temperature: 0C~50C
    Storage temperature:       -40C~+70C
    Humidity:  95%
    No causticity and solvent, dust free, and no strong magnetic interference.


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