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8 voice FXS/FXO phone over E1 converter with ethernet data
8 voice over E1 multiplexer,realizing 4ethernet+RS232+8 voice over E1, voice support FXS or FXO port,ethernet support 10/100M

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1 Function
      The 8Voice and ethernet multiplexer can provides 4*10(100)BaseT+8*voice +1 RS232 over E1 converter. The 8 voice and ethernet over E1 converter  realize the long-distance extend of telephone line through E1 channel. 
Its small size, low cost and very appropriate to the cost-sensitive bridging applications, or as spaces become an extension of the LAN infrastructure, devices or above devices.  

      The 8 voice(FXS/FXO) phone over E1 converter can automatically connected to the LAN with its uninterrupted learning the MAC address and the address as another purpose of the frame relay LAN. The 8voice and ethernet to E1 interface converters widely used for LAN and Wan networking, control, and so on, and particularly applicable to the network users to the network users with a single E1 channel access data and voice at the same time.

2 Features

   ●   realizes long-distance monitoring of local device to the remote device ;

   ●   provides 4 channels Ethernet ports,10M/100M,full half duplex self adapt, support VLAN;

   ●   The Ethernet interface supports AUTO-MDIX( cross over and straight through self adapt);

   ●   4 Ethernet interfaces support channel separate function, can set VLAN based on TAG

   ●   provides two clock types: E1 master clock, E1 line clock;

   ●   provides 3 kinds of loop-return function, namely E1 self-looping at local end, Ethernet self-looping at local end, ordered to self-loop at remote end;

   ●   realize the automatically rate set of local device to remote device;

   ●   has the function of pseudo-random code testing, convenient for opening of the circuit,and can be used as an error code instrument;

   ●   Ethernet supports rate of N*64k (N=1-32), which can be regulated from 64K to 1098K;

   ●   supports 75Ω unbalanced and 120Ω balanced impedance at the same time;

   ●   Provide Ethernet auto reset function, run more stably;

   ●   various Ethernet data indicate functions, which indicate data transmission status timely;

   ●   Provides 1-8 voice channels, support calling indication;

   ●   Voice connector FXO (FXS), FXO connect to PBX and FXS connect to phone;

   ●   support 4 wire E&M

   ●   RS232 channel can transfer asynchronous serial data with self-adaptable baud rate of 300 to 115.200;

3 interface
E1 interface
   Interface standard: Conforms to G.703 standard
   Interface rate: N×64Kbps, N:1~32
   Code: HDB3
   Interface impedance: 75Ω (unbalanced), 120Ω (balanced)
   Connecter: BNC (75 Ω), RJ45 (120 Ω)
   Vibration characteristic: Satisfies G.742 and G.823 standard
   Clock type: internal-clock, line clock

10/100Base-T ethernet port
   Rate:10M/100M,full/half duplex self adapt
   Protocol: support IEEE 802.3,IEEE 802.1Q(VLAN)
   MAC address table: 4096 MAC addresses
   Ethernet Total Memory Sizes: 64MBits SDRAM
   Physical interface:RJ45, support AUTO-MDIX(cross over and straight through self adapt)

Voice port
FXS phone port
   Ring voltage:75V
   Ring frequency:25HZ
   Two line input impedance:600Ω(hanging off)
   Wastage:40 db
FXO switch port
   Ring test voltage:35V
   Ring test frequency:17HZ-60HZ
   Two line input impedance:600Ω(hanging-off)
   Wastage:40 db

RS232 port
Rate:  300-115.2Kbps auto-adaptable (Asynchronous)
Interface characteristic:  satisfies ITU-T V.24 standard

4 dimension
  standalone: 483(L)×140(W)×50(H)mm

5 Working Condition
  Input voltage: AC180V ~ 240V ;DC-48V;DC+24V
  Power consumption: ≤5W
  Operating temperature: 0°C ~ 50°C
  Storing temperature: -40°C ~ +70°C
  Relative humidity: 95 %



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