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questions about GE/STM-1 converter

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question1: Can baudcom's GE/STM-1 device be compatible with other supplier's SDH device?

answer: Baudcom's GE/STM-1 device (BD-EOS-GE/STM-1) can be used by pairs (two units BD-EOS-GE/STM-1),the device also can be used with other supplier's SDH device. Baudcom GE/STM-1 (GE to STM-1 converter) is designed by ITUT standards.The STM-1 is made of VC12. The GE/STM-1 converter device can be compatible with most of the SDH devices from other suppliers.

Baudcom's Gigabit ethernet to STM1 EOS converter have successfully worked with many company's SDH device,for example,Huawei,Alcatel-lucent,ZTE (zhongxing),UT STARCOM,TATA etc.

Question2:  Can the GE/STM-1 (GE over STM-1) converter device be managed?

Answer: The device can be managed by TELNET. User can check the device’s work status by the TENET. User also can configure the device’s functions (Ethernet ports features,STM-1 ports features etc) by the TELNET management. User can manage the device by the TELNET in local or remote location. The TELNET management is easy and convenient for user manage the device.  

Question3: Does the Gigabit Ethernet to STM-1 converter support SNMP management?

Answer: The Gigabit ethernet over SDH STM-1 converter can be managed by TELNET,user can easily operate the device by the remote TELNET management.

The device can not be managed by the SNMP management now. Our engineers are designing the SNMP management function.The GE/STM-1 converter will support the SNMP management function in the future.


Question4: Does Baudcom’s GE over STM-1 converter support concatenation or virtual concatenation?

Answer: Baudcom’s GE over STM-1 converter (Gigabit Ethernet over SDH STM-1) support virtual concatenation, don’t support concatenation.


Question5: What is the difference between concatenation and virtual concatenation?

Answer: Concatenation is bundle serveral adjacent virtual container,then transmit them as a whole in the transmission network.
Virtual concatenation (VCAT) is an inverse multiplexing technique creating a large capacity payload container distributed over multiple smaller capacity TDM signals. These signals may be transported or routed independently.
Virtual Concatenation is used to split Sonet/SDH bandwidth up into right-sized groups. These virtually concatenated groups can be used to support different customers and services and bill accordingly. VCAT works across the existing infrastructure and can significantly increase network utilization by effectively spreading the load across the whole network.


Question6: Are the two Gigabit ethernet electrical ports identical? Can I use either or both (like a switch? ) 

If I use the SFP ports will the electrical ports be disabled or can I use up to 4 local ports? 
 Answer: The two Gigabit ethernet electrial ports work as shared mode.User can use the EOS GE ports as a switch (which can reduce the switch cost).

The GE/STM-1 device's two SFP gigabit ethernet port and the two electrical gigabit ethernet ports can be used as same time.The electrical ports will not be disable when use the gigabit SFP ports.

Question7: The routers use LLDP (Link Layer Discovery Protocol) to discover the link.Do the GE to STM1 boxes filter or have any other limit of the communications across the link in any way?For example multicast, broadcast etc.

Answer: LLDP packets with the destination MAC address 01:80:c2:00:00:0e or 01:80:c2:00:00:03 or 01:80:c2:00:00:00 will be filtered by our GE EOS device.

Question8: what is the ethernet bandwidth? STM-1 has overhead of approx.. 7Mbps? And the BD-EOS-GE/STM1 boxes additional 10Mbps?

Answer: The maximum effective bandwidth are related with Ethernet packet length.

If the ethernet frame packet length is 64Bytes,our GE/STM-1 bandwidth is 137.08*(64+20)/(64+8)==159Mbps;

If the ethernet frame packet length is 1518Bytes, our GE/STM-1 bandwidth is 137.08*(1518+20)/(1518+8)==138Mbps;

Question9:What is  Gigabit to STM-1 converter's MTU? Can the device's MTU more than 1600Bytes?

Answer: The device can support 2K bytes MTU.

Question9:Can the GE/STM-1 converter support MSP&SNCP protection?

Answer: The device can support 1+1 linear MSP protection.

Question10: Does the GE/STM-4 SDH converter support VC4 encapsulation?

Answer: The ethernet over STM-1 SDH device can only support VC12.If you need VC4 encapsulation,you can choose Baudcom's GE/STM-4 converter device .


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