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Gigabit Ethernet to STM-1 Converter
The gigabit ethernet to STM-1 converter is an interface conversion equipment supplied with two STM-1 optical interface, two electrical Ethernet and two Optical Ethernet interface.

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BD-EOS-GE-STM1 is a dual - VCG channel Gigabit Ethernet Converter, provides 4 gigabit Ethernet interfaces (3 copper and 1 fiber Ethernet interfaces) compliant with IEEE 802.3 series standard and 2 STM-1 optical interfaces, supports 1+1 optical path protection and 2+0 mode. In 1+1 mode, the 4 Etherent interfaces share one VCG and the bandwidth is one VC4 (139Mb/s). In 2+0 mode, the 4 Ethernet interfaces share two VCG channels and the bandwidth is two VC4. Therefore, By GFP and EoS technology, BD-EOS-GE-STM1 can realize two 139Mb/s Ethernet traffic transmission over STM-1 optical line.



Compact design with 1U height, 19 inch, 155mm depth, and can be installed on standard rack

Optical interface

Ø Two STM-1 optical interfaces; SFP optical module (LC interface); Hot pluggable

Ø The line bit rate is 155Mb/s, single mode, ltransmission distance is optional (depend on the SFP optical module)

Ø Supports real-time detection for the status of optical module

Ø Supports Automatic Laser Shutdown(ALS) to protect operators from hurt

Ø Supports Remote Power down Detect (RPD) function

Ethernet interface

Ø One fiber gigabit Ethernet interface and three copper gigabit Ethernet interfaces compliant with IEEE802.3 serial standard;

Ø The copper gigabit Ethernet interfaces adopt RJ45 connector, support auto-negotiation, which can work in 1000M full-duplex, 100M full/half-duplex, 10M full/half-duplex mode; supports auto MDI/MDX function

Ø The fiber gigabit Ethernet interface adopts 1.25G SFP module, which can work in 1000M full-duplex mode, transmission distance is optional (depend on the SFP optical module)

Ø Provides two WAN port (inside and invisible), each corresponding to one VCG separately, the bandwidth of each VCG is a VC4.

Management Interface

Ø Any of the GE1-3, GX4 can be used as the Ethernet management interface (EMU)

Ø Provides one serieral management interface (CONSOLE)

Ø Supports embedded DCN management channel to achieve inband management

Ethernet Switch bridge

Ø Supports unicast, multicast and broadcast frame

Ø Supports 802.3x flow control and broadcast storm filtering control*

Ø 8K MAC address table, with optional 12s / 300s ageing time configurable, the default is 300s

Ø Supports MAC address dynamic learning function

Ø Supports 256 items static MAC address configuration

Ø Accepts frames with length between 64 and 1552/2048 bytes (otherwise filtering)

Ø Supports port-based VLAN and IEEE802.1Q tag-based VLAN

Ø Supports QinQ(Double Tag VLAN)

Ø Supports up to 4K items VLAN table

Ø Supports Link Aggregation for WAN and LAN port, supports up to 4 link aggregation groups

Ø Supports IEEE 802.1P QoS

Ø Supports Port Mirroring

Ø Supports Dynamic ARL Table Learning and Searching

Ø Supports port rate control

Ø Provides performance statistic for each Ethernet interface;

Loop back

Ø Supports VC4 channel of STM-1 optical loopback towards line side

Supports 1+1 path protection and Automatic Protect Switch (APS) with switching time less than 50ms

Supports 2+0 mode, the transmission bandwidth available can be up to 2 VC4

Compliant to ITU-T standards

Ø GFP-F encapsulation , compatible with ITU-T G.7041 recommendation

NE Management

Ø Supports Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), compatible with V1 and V2C protocol

Ø Supports FTP protocol and firmware download online without disturbance of existing traffic

Ø Monitoring the alarms and status in real-time

Supports hot-spare power, the power consumption is less than 10W

Ø -48V DC single power access

Ø 220V AC single power access

Ø -48V DC+220V AC double power access

gigabit ethernet to SDH converter indicator

Front panel picture

Ethernet Interface

Interface type: 10/100/1000M Base-Fx
Port specification: In accordance with IEEE802.3 10/100/1000M Base-Fx
Transmitting code speed : 1000Mbps
Type of connector: SC/FC/LC(can be chosed by customer)
Transmit distance: 0-120Km

STM-1 Optic Interface
   ●   Optic interface velocity 155520kbit/s (Optic STM-1, G.957, Frame structure G.707)
   ●   Interface code type In accordance with the codes stipulated in G.957
   ●   Digital signals In accordance with G.707 and G.958
   ●   Type of optical connector FC or SC or LC
   ●   Central wavelength 850 or 1310 or 1550 nm
   ●   Optional transmitting distance 0~120km ( Single-Mode)
   ●   0~2km (Multi-Mode)
Power supply
   ●   working voltage range wide, good
   ●   anti-disturb and Isolation, work stable
   ●   option I – DC-48V,range DC-36V~DC-72C
   ●   option II – AC220V,range AC165V~AC240V
   ●   Power Consumption: <10 Watts
Environment condition
   ●   Operating temperature: -5C~+40 C
   ●   Storage temperature: -20 C~+55 C
   ●   Relative temperature:85% (uncondensed)
   ●   440mm(L)
   ●   340mm(W)
   ●   43.5mm(H)
Typical Application:
Ethernet to STM-1 converter application diagram

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