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Hanging J hook Suspension Clamp 10-15mm for fiber optic cable
Hanging J hook Suspension Clamp 10-15mm for fiber optic cable

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Suspension clamp,Use for ADSS cable,choose the type according to the diameter of ADSS cable.
Hook clamps are designed to provide a suspension for Ø8 to 20mm aerial ADSS cables at intermediate poles on cable routes with angle< 20° on access networks (spans up to 100m).
The suspension clamp for ADSS cable consists of a galvanized steel J Hook, A neoprene sleeve and tightening screw.
The clamp may be installed on poles using either a pigtail bolt or 2 pole bands. Suspension clamps designed to suspend ADSS round optical fiber cable during construction of transmission line. The clamp consists of plastic insert, which clamp the optical cable without damaging. A wide range of gripping capacities and mechanical resistance archived by wide product range, with different sizes of neoprene inserts.The metal hook of suspension clamp allows installation on the pole by using stainless steel band and pigtail hook or brackets. The hook of ADSS clamp can be produced form stainless steel materials according to you request

• Two sizes to cover the full range of ADSS cables from 5 to 20mm..
• The shape of the J Hook allows a running out of the cable directly in the hook
• The suspension clamps can be directly secured to the poles using bolts or bandings.

They can also be installed on hook bolts to provide some flexible suspension point and give extra protection to the cable against wind induced vibrations

Product Paramenters:

Product name

j-hook suspension clamp


Galvanized + Rubber

Suitable cable diameter


Breaking load





hanging cable

Hanging J hook Suspension Clamp

Hanging J hook Suspension Clamp application

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