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how to make two ONU connected one OLT communicate?

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Is it possible to have two ONUs connected on the OLT communicate? that is to say, make the hosts connected behind the ONU communicate with each other without using a Switch. 
Yes,the two ONUs can communicate under one OLT.
Two ONUs connected to one same PON port
two onu connected to one pon port

 If the GEPON ONU connected to same PON port, you need to enable the P2P function. The GEON OLT P2P funcation can be enabled by WEB management on the menu of “PON Downward Encryption” . 
onu p2p configuration

Of course, the function also can be configured by console management.

two ONUs are connected to different PON

two onu connected to different pon port

If the two ONUs are connected to two different PON ports, the PON isolation also need to be diable. The PON isolation can be disabled uder the menu of “PON configuration”.

GEPON pon isolation configuration

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