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questions about POTs phone FXS FXO over E1 converter

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Qestion 1:  is the FXO/FXS able to pass DTMF ?

Answer: yes,our POTs (FXO/FXS) to E1 converter can pass DTMF.

Question2: Can Baudcom’s phone over E1 converter support FAX transmission?

Answer: Yes, the voice phone to E1 converter device can support voice(FXS/FXO) or FAX over E1 transmission.

Question3: Is this possible with your POTs over E1 converter equipement?

                    PSTN Analog line ---> FXO / E1< ---------------> PRI / PBX?

Answer: Our POTs E1 equipement can not support the PRI signal.Your application can not be supported.

Question4: Can Baudcom’s POTs to E1 converter support Digital phone(like AVAYA 1416 Digital Destphone)?

Answer: The POTs to E1 converter can not support Digital phone..

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