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A Guide to Fiber Optic Patch Cord

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Fiber optic patch cord, also called fiber optic patch cable of fiber optic jumper cable, is mainly used to connect one electronic device to another. Fiber optic patch cord can be divided into different types according to mode, structure, connector types, connector polishing types, and it is similar to fiber optic cables. Today we will talk about it.

Mode & Structure

There are two types of mode, single mode patch cord and multimode patch mode.

Single mode patch cord uses 9/125um glass fiber, while multimode patch cord uses 62.5/125um or 50/125um glass fiber. Single mode patch cord is normally used in long distance data transmission, while multimode patch cord is normally used in short distance data transmission. The jacket color of single mode patch cord is usually yellow, while the jacket color of multimode patch cord is usually orange or aqua.

And for the structures, fiber patch cord also has two types, simplex patch cord and duplex patch cord.

Simplex patch cord has one fiber and one connector at each end. Duplex patch cord has two fibers and two connectors at each end.

Connector Types


LC stands for Lucent Connector. LC connectors have high density connections, and are usually connected with SFP, SFP+ and XFP transceivers. LC connectors adopt the traditional components of the SC duplex connector, so it has independent ceramic ferrules and shells, and the size is reduced by half. It is widely used in dense installations and has high performance, so it is very suitable for single mode applications.


SC stands for Subscriber Connector. SC connectors are becoming more and more popular in single mode optical fiber telecommunication, and are used in EPON and GPON. It has a high precision ceramic ferrule structure, which is the reason why it is the best option for single mode fiber alignment. SC fiber patch cord is one of the most commonly used in optical fiber networks, because it is simple and low cost.


FC stands for Ferrule Connector. FC connectors usually connect with single mode optical fiber, and mainly used for single mode optical fiber components and some high speed optical fiber communication connections. FC connectors are used in datacomtelecommunications, measurement equipment, and single mode lasers. It is not as popular as before, because it is replaced by SC and LC connectors.


ST stands for Straight Tip. ST connectors are widely used in field and indoor fiber optic LAN applications. Its high precision ceramic ferrule can be used for multimode and single mode fibers. ST fiber optic patch cords are one of the older generation connectors, but they are still widely used in multimode networks, such as buildings, campuses and corporate networks.

Connector Polishing Types

The optical performance of APC connector is better than UPC connector because the loss of APC connector is lower than UPC connector, but APC connector is generally more expensive than UPC connector. In the current market, APC connectors are widely used in FTTx, Passive Optical Network (PON) and Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) applications, because they are more sensitive to return loss. Generally, the connector color of the APC patch cord is green, and connector color of the UPC patch cord is blue.


As an important component in Passive Optical Network, fiber patch cord is widely used in many environments. Through our guide to fiber patch cord, you may have a basic knowledge about fiber patch cord. If you want to know more about it or want to purchase it, you may check our website.

Baudcom offers all types of fiber optic patch cords. For more information, please visit Baudcom.

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