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DS3/E3 to Ethernet converter
DS3/E3 to ethernet converter realize 4*10/100M ethernet over E3/DS3 conversion.Support network management.

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BD-E3-ETH is cost-effective intelligent DS3/E3 to ethernet converter which offers a cost-effective connection between E3/DS3 services and 10/100BaseT LANs. They enable service providers and ISPs to provide transparent Ethernet services without interfering with user traffic. In addition to point to point application, the equipment can also work with Baudcom center device as a terminal device with 16 service directions.


   ●   Support  4*10/100Base-Tx ethernet over 1~2 E3/DS3 channel;

   ●   Customer should offer E3 or DS3 separately,  E3 and DS3 cannot be supported imultaneously;  Comply with IEEE802.3;

   ●   Automatically restrain broadcast storm;

   ●   Support diagnostic tools for TDM and Ethernet networks, for fast isolation of network problems, saving time and costs;

   ●   Rich alarm indications such as E3/DS3 AIS/LOS, ETH LINK/ACT etc;

   ●   Ethernet ports support 10/100M half/full duplex auto-adapted;

   ●   Plug-and-Play LAN connection;

   ●   Support HP auto MDIX function, MDI/MDIX auto-adapted;

   ●   High reliability with low CAPEX and OPEX.

   ●   Can realize SNMP management in our chassis installation

E3 to Ethernet converter rear panel

               Eterhent over E3 converter Rear panel

2 E3 to ethernet converter rear panel

               Eterhent over 2E3 converter Rear panel




Products List

Connects four-port 10/100Base-Tx Ethernet LAN over one  E3/DS3 channels

E3 interface

Comply with ITU-T G.703, 75ohm unbalanced

DS3 interface

44.736Mbps, 75 ohm unbalanced

Ethernet interface

10/100Base-Tx, RJ45

10/100M auto-adaptive, half/full duplex auto-adaptive


Supply option

DC  -48V (-32V~-72V)

AC  220V (90V~265V)


≤8 W



440 × 44 ×138 (mm)

Network managemenet screen:
 Ethernet over E3 converter management

E3 to ethernet converter application diagram

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