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4U Rack Mount Chassis
The 4U Rack mount chassis support kinds of E1 interface converter and PDH fiber optical multiplexer,the rack chassis support SNMP management,double power

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The 4U/16port rack(BD-CH04) can support for 16 interface fiber card. every card could work independently and different types of interface converter card can be inserted in one rackthe system power supply is separated from interface converter by communication insulation technology, so that the reliability of the system can be ensured.



u      Support kinds of PDH fiber optical multiplexer cards (1E1,2E1,4E1, 8E1, 16E1,        

1E1+100M Ethernet,2E1+100M Ethernet,4E1+100M Ethernet, 8E1+100M Ethernet, 16E1+100M Ethernet)

u      Support kinds of E1 interface cards (E1 to Ethernet converter,

E1 to V.35 converter, 4E1 to Ethernet converter),        

u      Compact 4U high,19inch rackmount units

u       Support maximum 18 cards, 2 slots for power supply module, 16slots for service cards(15service cards+1 network management card)

u       Realize SNMP management by central chassis

u      every function card supporting hot plug;

u      There are two power supply slots, can support double power or single power.

Work condition

operating temperature: 0 ~70

storage temperature: -40 ~85

relative temperature: 5%~95% non-condensing


power supply card

option I – DC48V,range DC36V~DC72C   

option II – AC220V,range AC90V~AC240V

rack chassis application diagram

SNMP management
e1 conveter rack chassis SNMP management

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