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Video/Audio Over E1 Multiplexer
Video over E1 multiplexer can realize 1 channel video, 1 channel audio, 1channel RS485 over E1 transmission.

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Video over E1 multiplexer can realize 1 channel video, 1 channel audio, 1channel RS485 over E1 transmission. It always use in pair. One transmitter, the other is receiver series.
It is ensured that any device with E1 interface, such as PBX, Mobile base station, SS7 signaling device and voice post system, can seamlessly connect to this video over E1 multiplexer. Video over E1, adopt H. 264 encode & decode technology, realize low data rate, high fidelity, real time video data transmitting and make that users pick up used E1 timeslots in fact by configurable feasible

video over E1 multiplexer application

1. Technical design, the whole surface by decoration. 
2. Electrical circuit is designed by hardware scheme (except chip), and production is not effected by purchasing. 
3. Complete digital fiber transmit platform. 
4. No need to adjust when opened. 
5. Based on self copyright IC. 
6. No disturbance by analog in adjusting channel, picture and range. 
7.4 steps filtering
8. Complete digital, broadcast transmit efficiently
9. Elastic configuration on the same platform. 
10. Power supply, link, video by dynamic indication. 
11. Self-adapt in PAL, NTSC, SECAM. 
12. ASIC design
13. Power supply: 220V, 
14. The two poles of Direct power supply can be exchanged. 
15. Support SNMP management in our chassis installation. 
16. Three installations: Wall method, rack in 19inches 1U, or plug in-card. 

Technical parameter: 
Video interface 1channel 
1. Input/output impedance: BNC 75ohm; Unbalance interface
2. Input/output voltage: Peak 1 vpp, max 1.5 Vpp
4. Video bandwidth: 8MHz
5. Video number wide: 8/10/12 bit
6. Differential gain: <1%
7. Differential phase: <0.6
8. Slope: <0.5%
9. Luminance delay inequality: 10ns
10. Luminance gain gap: 10%
11. Weighted noise ratio: 66dB

E1 interface
Interface standard: Conforms to G. 703 standard
Interface rate: N× 64Kbps, N: 1~32
Code: HDB3
Interface impedance: 75ohm(unbalanced), 120ohm; (balanced)
Connecter: BNC (75 ohm), RJ45 (120 ohm)
Vibration characteristic: Satisfies G. 742 and G. 823 standard
Clock type: Internal-clock, line clock

Channle: One way or two way for option
Bandwidth: 20Hz~20kHz 
Frequency: 48kHz 
Digitization: 16bit (24bit for option)
Input impedance(Line-in): 47kΩ/unbalance
Output impedance(Line-out): 10kΩ unbalance
Input/Output Voltage: 2Vp-p
Unbalance SNR: 75bB(Typical value)
Total wave distortion: 0.1%(Typical value) 
Audio connector: RJ45

Work environment
Work temperature: -30~+75
Storage temperature: -45C~+85C
Humidity: 0~5% without condensation
Input voltage: 220V, -48V, +24V, +12V, +5V optional
Power ≤ 5W (single terminal)

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