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Outdoor Floor Standing SMC Cross-connect Cabinet
Outdoor Floor Standing SMC Cross-connect Cabinet is used for cross connection and termination between trunk cables and distribution cable, especially for optical nodes in access network.

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    Systemization: Products of various capacities can meet multiple application requirements. We also offer optical accessories for outdoor cross-connect cabinet, patchcords, pigtails, adaptors, splitters for example, and provide turnkey solutions for installation, splicing, and testing.

    Modular design: 12 fibers Splice and Distribution Integrated Trays and splitter trays are adopted for easy installation and maintenance. All components are in the form of modules to achieve flexible configuration. Components of different models are interchangeable, which shortens delivery time, reduces costs, and simplifies installation and maintenance.



Housing Material


Splice and Distribution Tray Capacity

12 pieces of SC, FC or ST adaptors (12 fibers);

12 pieces of duplex LC adaptors (24 fibers);

Applicable Adaptor

SC, FC (duplex LC or ST is optional)

Installation Method

Floor standing (wall mount is optional)

Applicable Environment


Protection Grade


Technical Parameters:

Fiber Bending Radius

>37.5mm (protective tubes are furnished for fibers passing through metallic holes.)

Cable Bending Radius

>15 times of cable diameter

Nominal Working Wavelength

850nm, 1310nm, 1550nm

Insertion Loss


Return Loss

≥45dB (PC), ≥50dB (UPC), ≥60dB (APC)


>1,000 times

Insulation Resistance


Voltage Resistance

≥3,000V(DC), 1 min no puncture, no arc-over

Vertical Pressure


Atmospheric Pressure


Relative Humidity

≤95% (+40°C)

Operating Temperature


Storage Temperature



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