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Optical Splice Closure
Optical Splice Closure,can provide Cap Sealed Style (96 Cores fiber),K Style (144 Cores fiber ),Sealing Style(436 Cores fiber).

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     can be used in outside plant, underground, aerial, pedestal and direct buried applications. The device allows for direct jointing and bifurcated jointing. It also protects fiber optic splices from the elements while providing fast and easy no-cost reentry.


  • Circle numbers of tortility : max. 436
  • Cable number of : max.8-out and 8-in
  • Tortility loss:  0.03dB
  • Anti-bump capacity : 16N m three times , no leak & no rip
  • Max.voltage : 15KV DC
  • Atmospheric pressure : defense level ( EN60529 ): IP54 , IP58
  • Fire-resistance level : UL94 VO 70Kpa-106Kpa


Excellent capability to withstand quake, pressure, stretch. It is Strong and durable.
Excellent capability to adapt to natural conditions. It can operate smoothly in temperatures varying from -40 degree~ +80 degree .
Sealing performance: the innovative and unique waterproof elastic sealing is easy to install and seal completely. The splice case and sealing packing can be opened and reused for more than 10 times, ensure excellent performance and meet all the requirements for telecommunications.
Service life: 25 years in service for all major components in the splice case.


Cap Sealed Style

Volume: 0~96 Cores Filber Cable Import And Export
 Quantity: 0 ~ 4( it can be more )

S ize:( 72 Cores) 

   Sealing Style

   Volume: 0~144 Cores Filber Cable Import And Export
   Quantity: 0 ~ 6( it can be more )
    size: ( 48 Cores )    


K Style Joint Operation Center Of Fiber Optic

Volume: 0~436 Cores Filber Cable Import And Export

Quantity: 0 ~ 16

S ize :( 72 Cores)                     


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