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8 Port 100M Reverse POE GPON ONT
BD-ONT-108PD GPON ONT has 1 GPON PON port and 8 10/100BASE-T POE ports, outdoor type

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GPON ONT BD-ONT-108PD Pure Data-Type ONU is a Passive Optical Networking CPE, based on the broadband access of GPON technology,providing an integrated solution of the broadband access to the user based on the GPON technology.

BD-ONT-108PD fully complies with IEEE technology standard, meeting the demands of domestic multiple operators about the GPON device technology.

ONU BD-ONT-108PD has 1 SC/PC PON port and 8 10/100BASE-T POE ports.

  • System power supply:  See the nameplate on the device
  • Ambient temperature-10 ~ +45℃  Ambient humidity10% ~ 90%(non-condensing)
  • Store temperature-30 ~ +60℃  Store humidity10% ~ 90%(non-condensing)
  • For other technical specifications, see the following table
  • Parameter Name

    Hardware Parameter


    Main chip ZTE
    PON GPON, SC single-mode/single-fiber,Upstream 1.244Gbps, Downstream 2.488Gbps.
    Wavelength Tx 1310nm, Rx 1490nm
    Sensitivity <-27dBm(PX20+) PON
    Overload >-3dBm(PX20+) PON
    Interface Type 8*10/100MbpsAuto adaptive Ethernet interfaces, Full/Half Duplex, RJ45 connector
    DC power supply powered by the power sourcing equipment (PSE)


    Parameter Name

    Software Parameter

    Internet connection Bridge / Routing
    Basic Support authentication SN/Loid/ Loid+PasswordTCONT(Max 8)GEM(Max 32)

    Support Upstream and Downstream FEC

    Support AES

    Support Key switching

    Support DBRu

    Alarm Support Dying Gasp
    LAN Support Port rate limitingSupport Flow controlSupport Storm control
    VLAN Support VLAN tag modeSupport VLAN transparent modeSupport VLAN trunk mode(max 16 vlans)

    Support VLAN 1:1 translation mode(max 16 vlans)

    Multicast Support IGMPv1/v2Support IGMP SnoopingMax Multicast vlan 8

    Max Multicast Group 255

    QoS Support 4 queuesSupport SP and WRRSupport 802.1P

    Classification: D-MAC/S-MAC/D-IP/S-IP/L4-S-Port/L4-D-Port/Vlan/Cos/Ether Type/DSCP

    L3 Support IPv4IPv6 and IPv4/IPv6 dual stackSupport WAN DHCP/PPPOE/Static IPSupport Static Route

    Support NAT

    Support Port forwarding

    Support DHCP server

    Management Support ITUT984.x OMCISupport WEBSupport CLI
    Throughput Upstream = 800MbpsDownstream= 800Mbps
    Packet lost 14Hours /Lost 0

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