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Gigabit Ethernet to STM-1 Converter
The gigabit ethernet to STM-1 converter is an interface conversion equipment supplied with two STM-1 optical interface, two electrical Ethernet and two Optical Ethernet interface.

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The Gigabit Ethernet/STM-1 Converter takes SDH technology as its core to provide access, convergence, transmission and management functions of TDM services and broadband IP services, and is a device for comprehensive access conversion in the applications of conventional telecommunicating services and broadband data services. The gigabit Ethernet to STM-1 converter is an interface conversion equipment supplied with two STM-1 optical interface, two electrical Ethernet and two Optical Ethernet interface.
The design of Gigabit Ethernet/STM-1 converter complies with ITU-T and the relevant SDH standards.
The Gigabit Ethernet/STM-1 converter carries the data services via the container in SDH,which realize gigabit ethernet data over STM-1 transimission. The optical interface can be installed with SFP modules which is easy for customer to choose all kinds of SFP module according to the application instituation.
The device applies 19" rack of 1U high, which can be placed on the desktop or installed in a cabinet of 2.2m or 2.6m high, and can directly drive the top-mounted aural-visual alarm unit.
The device can be powered by three power choice: AC ~220V, DC -48V, and AC ~220V with DC-48V backup.


   ●   Providing standard STM-1 optical interface that complying with G.664 standard;

   ●   Providing an optical Ethernet interface;

   ●   Of excellent synchronous characteristics;

   ●   With DC-48V/AC220V optional for power supply;

   ●   Providing two optical STM-1 interface and two optical gigabit Ethernet interface;

   ●   Appling a rack with height 1U and width 19”, can be set on the desk or mounted in a cabinet or rack of height 2.2 m or 2.6 m;

   ●   The optical interface can be SC connector or SFP;

   ●   Supportting network management;

   ●   The device provide rich alarm indicator;

gigabit ethernet to SDH converter indicator

Front panel picture

Ethernet Interface

Interface type: 10/100/1000M Base-Fx
Port specification: In accordance with IEEE802.3 10/100/1000M Base-Fx
Transmitting code speed : 1000Mbps
Type of connector: SC/FC/LC(can be chosed by customer)
Transmit distance: 0-120Km

STM-1 Optic Interface
   ●   Optic interface velocity 155520kbit/s (Optic STM-1, G.957, Frame structure G.707)
   ●   Interface code type In accordance with the codes stipulated in G.957
   ●   Digital signals In accordance with G.707 and G.958
   ●   Type of optical connector FC or SC or LC
   ●   Central wavelength 850 or 1310 or 1550 nm
   ●   Optional transmitting distance 0~120km ( Single-Mode)
   ●   0~2km (Multi-Mode)
Power supply
   ●   working voltage range wide, good
   ●   anti-disturb and Isolation, work stable
   ●   option I – DC-48V,range DC-36V~DC-72C
   ●   option II – AC220V,range AC165V~AC240V
   ●   Power Consumption: <10 Watts
Environment condition
   ●   Operating temperature: -5C~+40 C
   ●   Storage temperature: -20 C~+55 C
   ●   Relative temperature:85% (uncondensed)
   ●   440mm(L)
   ●   340mm(W)
   ●   43.5mm(H)
Typical Application:
Ethernet to STM-1 converter application diagram

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