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4EOC master Module+ONU+OR All In One EOC Master
4EOC master Module+ONU+OR All In One EOC Master

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 Product Overview

The BAUDCOM All-In-One product is designed to provide Internet Service to subscriber’s home through the existing coaxial access network. With EPON/GPON, EOC and HFC technology , the All-In-One product meets the CATV broadcasting, VOD and Internet Service requirement of cable operators for FTTB/FTTC. It build with EPON/GPON ONU, EOC master and Optical Receiver module in one housing.

The Optical Receiver module received the optical signal from the Optical Transmitter of HFC network, and the signal processed by the PD, Amplifier, EQ and AGC to a stable RF output. The output level will be up to 108dBuv( 4*RF output) or 112dBuv (2*RF output). Ethernet data is delivered to ONU through the EPON or GPON network form the OLT.

The EOC Master module meets Home-plug AV standards, is designed based on Qualcomm AR7410 chip-set with high anti-jamming capability OFDM technology. It will modulate the Ethernet data into EOC RF signal in the 7.5-65MHz .The EOC signal and CATV signal (87~860MHz) can run on one coaxial cable without interference. The EOC Master can provide high speed data service at 600Mbps PHY Layer speed, the MAC Layer throughput is up to 320Mpbs.

  Function Features


n    Complies with EPON or GPON standards

n    Complies with HomePlug AV international standards and IEEE 1901 Standard

Product Configuration

n    Configurations available with 1 EPON or GPON ONU module

n    Configurations available with 2 or 4 HomePlug AV EOC Master modules

n    Configurations available with 1 HFC Optical Receiver

n    Configuration available with WDM inside or not

n    RF output configurations with 2 or 4 outputs

n    Line Power (from 90 to 264 VAC) or Cable Line Power (60VAC) optional

n    35/47, 42/54, 65/87 type High/Low Filter optional to meet your network

CATV RF Features

n    Supports higher RF output: 112dBuv@2*RF output, 108dBuv@4*RF output

n    AGC (from -6 to 0dBm) function for stable RF output

Data Transportation in Coaxial Cable

n    Supports data throughput of greater than 300 Mbps per EOC Master module

n    Supports Max . link loss greater than 85 dB (40Mbps throughput in lab)

n    Recommend 40~50dB link loss for about 300 throughput

Network Management

n    CLI, SNMP management for ONU module

n    WEB, SNMP management for EOC module

n    Optical Receiver status monitor and control by PON system

Other Features

n    IP67 Housing, aluminum alloy die casting shaping 

n    Line Power 60AC feed in and out


  Product Pictures and Ports Overview





Main Functional Module Configuration


1 x GPON or 1* EPON ONU

EOC Master

2*EOC Master or 4*EOC Master


1 x CATV Optical Receiver with WDM or not

External Interface

Fiber Port

5/8” type, 2 port, for Fiber Optic Pigtail input

COM Port

F-Type female, 4 output port for mixed EOC and CATV signal

Power Input Port

F-Type female, line power(40-90VAC) input version

Power cord with China plug,
Mains Powered (90-264VAC) version


Broadcast CATV

(optional with WDM or not)

With WDM version, 1*CATV/PON optical input, SC/APC,

1*PON output, SC/PC, connected with ONU input

Without WDM Version, 1*CATV optical, SC/APC

Ethernet Data

(EPON or GPON optional)

1*EPON PX20+, SC/PC (EPON Version)

1*GPON Class B+, SC/PC (GPON Version)

Specification of ONU Parts


Standard compliance

IEEE 802.3ah

Optical Interface

1 x EPON PX20+, SC/PC

Transmission Rate

Upstream: 1.25Gbps, Downstream: 1.25Gbps

Transmission Distance


Optical Fiber Type

9/125um, Single Mode, Single Fiber


Upstream 1310nm, Downstream 1490nm

Optical Power Tx

0dBm to 4dBm (PX20+)

Receiving Sensitivity

-27 dBm


Standard compliance

ITU-T G.984.X

Optical Interface


Transmission Rate

Upstream: 1.244Gbps, Downstream: 2.488Gbps

Transmission Distance


Optical Fiber Type

9/125um, Single Mode, Single Fiber


Upstream 1310nm, Downstream 1490nm

Optical Power Tx

+0.5dBm to +5dBm(Class B+),

+0.5dBm to +5dBm(Class C+)

Receiving Sensitivity

-27 dBm(Class B+), -30 dBm(Class C+)


Indicator Description

PWR: Power up or down

PONONU registered

LOS: Optical Link Status

ETH: Link Status of ONU Ethernet port to EOC master

Network Management

Management Mode

Support IEEE802.3 OAM (EPON)

Support ITU-T G.984.X OMCI (GPON)

Support Remote management through SNMP

Suppoort Remote Management via Telnet


Status monitor, Configuration management, Alarm management, Log management

Specification of OR

Optical Specifications


Without WDM version: 1550 nm

With WDM version:

1540~1560nm (CATV), 1260-1500nm(PON)

Optical Power Input Range

-8 ~ +2 dBm

Recommend optical Power Input Range

-6 ~ 0dBm

Optical Input Return Loss

≥45 dB

RF Specifications


45~860 MHz


≤±1.5 dB

Nominal RF Output Level

108 dBuV (4*RF Output )


75 Ohm

Return Loss

14 dB


≥51 dB


≥60 dBc


≥60 dBc

Note: CNR, CSO, CTB parameter testing environment is in1550nm directly modulation transmitter, optical input -1dBmOMI=3.2%, 59CH PAL-D signal load.

Optical and temperature AGC

Stability of RF Level under optical AGC

≤±1 dB

AGC Scope

-6 ~ 0dBm

LED Indicator

Indicator Description

OPT-L: Optical power is lower

OPT-M: Optical power is nominal

RF1: Status of Output 1 of optical receiver module  

RF2: Status of Output 2 of optical receiver module

Specification of EOC Master


Management Port

1 * 10/100/1000M auto-negotiation, RJ45

 LED Indicator

LED Indicator

PWR: Power Supply Status

LINK: CABLE Link Status indicator

ETH1: Ethernet Ports Status connected as uplink

ETH2: Ethernet Ports Status connected as downlink

Performance Parameters

RF Parameters

Frequency Band :7.5-65MHz

RF Output Level:

110±5dBuv @4 RF output port (4 EOC master version)

105±5dBuv @4 RF output port (2 EOC master version)

Receive sensitivity: 45dBuv


PHY Layer: 600Mbps

Throughput on MAC Layer: 320Mbps

Modulation Mode

OFDM2690 carriers, 4096/1024/256/64/16/8 QAM, QPSK, BPSK, ROBO

Working Mode


Encryption Mode



EOC Standard

IEEE P1901(Draft) , HomePlug AV

Ethernet Standard

IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3x, IEEE 802.3u

IEEE802.1P, IEEE802.1Q


Network Management


Software Features

VLAN, QOS, Bandwidth Control, Broadcast storm limitation

Physical Features

Physical Features

Power supply

Line Power(90-264VAC)

Cable power(60VAC) optional

Power Consumption

Consumption<45 W (4 EOC master Version)

Consumption<36 W (2 EOC master Version)



Net weight

4.2kg (4 EOC master Version)

3.7kg (2 EOC master Version)

Environment Attribute

Working Temperature-20 ~ 65

Storage Temperature-40 ~ 85

Working humidity10% ~ 90%non-condensing

Storage humidity10% ~ 90% non-condensing

Typical Application


n  Internet Access

n  VOD


n  Camera monitor system

 Application Illustration

Ordering information

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