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Questions about VOIP gateway

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Can VOIP gateway connect to FXO via E1?
Question: We have an application, need to make FXO connect to PBX via E1 (32FXO--E1--PBX), does the VOIP support the application?
Answer: yes. Baudcom SIP to E1 converter can support the application which will realize the E1 or T1 to ethernet converter. The SIP to E1 converter connect to PBX's E1 port.
SIP to E1 converter

Can E1 and Ethernet ports of VOIP gateway device be used as uplink?
Question: We find that the FXS/FXO media converter have E1 port and Ethernet port. Can both the E1 port and Ethernet be used as uplink port? 
Answer: yes. The  voip media converter can be used as FXS+E1------ethernet network  or FXS/O+SIP ethernet ---E1

Can One FXS port only response to one SIP user account?
Question3: I need to configure the gateway so that each FXS entry corresponds to a single SIP account. For both incoming and outgoing calls. You can do it? by way of example: when an incoming call rings for example on the FXS port number 32, then only the telephone of the SIP account 1032 should ring. And when the SIP account 1032 makes a call, it must only do so through the FXS port number 32. The same for SIP 1022 and FXS port number 22. Same as all FXS ports.
Answer: yes. BAUDCOM voip gateway can support the function. The function can be configured by web management or telnet management. If you have any problem about the voip configuration,please let us know. Our engineer will support you. 


Question: Does the GSM VOIP support imei exchange and humain behavour ?

                and automatic sim change and avoid sim blocking?

Answer: The GSM voip gateway support the imei.

 Our device's one slot for one SIM card,if the card without money,the channel will be stopped.Our GSM VOIP gateway don't support the automatic SIM change.
Can I connect the GSM VOIP gateway to an analog telephone exchange or analog telephone?

Answer: yes

Can GSM VOIP gateway support bulk SMS?
Question: Can I send bulk SMS through the GSM voip gateway? In the event that the previous point can be done, SMS can be  sent with a serious API via HTTP. (ip: port / api /… ..) 

Answer: The bulk SMS can be supportted, but user need to install the bulk SMS software by themselves.
               Our GSM device can provide API port.

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