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The device is a building indoor optical receiver. Optical forward receiver with AGC automatic level control function. When input optical power among -80dBm, the constant output level is 78 dbuv.

The return path of this receiver uses RFOG technology. The reverse laser controls the "burst" mode of the optical node by detecting the input CM signal, thus allowing only one optical node to communicate with the CMTS at any given point in time, thus greatly improving the reverse link noise.



Test condition 59 routes PALD channel3.8% modulation degree-1dBm optical power receiving.

   System index




      Optical index

    Operating wavelength1550±10 nm

        Input power-9+2 dBm

    Junctor: SC/APC

    Return loss:≥45dB

     RF index

    Working bandwidth871218 MHz

  Output level78 dBuV (@ optical input-80dBm)


  Reflection loss≥14dB

Return path optical receiver

    Optical index:

    Operating wavelength1310 nm

        Optical transmitter power2mW

        Laser opening threshold85dBuV565MHz,aggregate capacity

        Laser closing threshold70dBuV565MHz,aggregate capacity

    RF index

    Working bandwidth565MHz


  Reflection loss≥16dB

Universal parameter

Output impedence75Ω

ConnectorF style inch

  Working temperature-10~+50

    Outside dimensions100*102*27 mm

Power adapterinput AC 100240Voutput DC 5V

Schematic Diagram

Installation, debugging instructions

1) Install the machine in the shell through the installation holes on both sides of the shell.

2) Connecting fiber. Be sure to clean the end face of the fiber head before connecting. And be sure to test whether the optical input signal is within the required optical input range. The maximum input light power of this machine must not exceed 3dbm.

3) Power supply and the indicating light turn on, indicating that the power supply is normal.

4) Forward optical receiving indicatorLights up in the AGC range and extinguishes beyond the AGC range.

5) Return path optical receiving indicatorWhen there is a return path signal input and reaches the open laser threshold, it turns on. When there is no return path signal input or when the signal is below the laser threshold, it will go out. Since the return path signal is discontinuous, the return path optical indicator will flash.

NoteThe light signal is invisible laser beam, exposure to the eye directly may cause permanent injury.


RFOG            1

Power Adapter   1

   Product Manual   1  

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