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SFP Fiber mode converter
The single mode to multimode SFP fiber mode converter is to convert any signaling rate single mode to multimode.The fiber mode converter can easily upgraded by replacing the SFP modules.

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The single mode to multimode SFP fiber mode converter is the ability to convert any signaling rate, from 155Mbps to 1.25Gbps, being an Universal Fiber Converter - ideal for any communication standard like: Fast and Giga Ethernet, STM-1 and STM-4, OC-1, OC-3, OC-12 and OC-24, FDDI or Fibre Channel. The fiber mode converter is to fulfill optical signal transparent transmission through medium between single-mode fiber and multimode fiber, or it can also extend single-mode transmission distance.
The Fiber Converter is the state of the art versatile optical fiber media converter for 1000Base-SX/LX/LHX/ZX, WDM /CWDM to 1000Base-SX/LX/LHX/ZX or WDM/CWDM. The fiber optical converter can accomodate any type of miniGBIC (SFP) optical modules, either multimode or singlemode type, being a perfect choice for applications requiring change from multimode to singlemode fiber operation or to single strand WDM fiber needs. The fiber mode converter is offering unparalleled flexibility and easy migration from short-haul to long haul fiber connections by simply changing the optical SFP module.
   The fiber mode converter can be used also as a repeater, to extend fiber optic communication transmission distance, working as a 2R device (reshape and re-amplify).
  •  optical fiber interface: two SFP slots supporting multi-rate up to 1.25Gbps
  •  optical fiber type:    
      Single-mode:8.3/125um,8.7/125um,9/125um,10/125um,wave length :1310 or 1550nm 
  •   Transmission rate: multi-rate OC1, OC3 (155Mbps), OC12 (622 Mbps), OC24(1.25Gbps), STM-1, STM-4, FDDI, Fibre Channel 1G, Fast ethernet(10/100Mbps) and Gigabit Ethernet(1000 Mbps) rates supported
  •  Transmission distance: multi-model with 550m-2KM, single-model up to 120KM.
  •  Indicator: it indicates power supply’s condition ,  also suggests single-fiber and multi-fiber link condition.
Power supply                        
working voltage range wide, good        
anti-disturb and Isolation, work stable     
option I – DC-48V,range DC-36V~DC-72C   
option II – AC220V,range AC165V~AC240V
Power Consumption:   <=3 Watts
Environment condition 
Operating temperature:  0C~+50℃      
Storage temperature:   -20 C~+70℃
Relative temperature:95% (uncondensed)
According to different application,freely choose the SFP modules by the following links: 

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