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4E1+4ETH Managable Fiber Multiplexer
4E1+4ETH Fiber Multiplexer with management,user can configure and mornitor the device easily

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The 4E1 fiber multiplexer is part of Multi E1 and Fast Ethernet transmission system family, used to build a 150Mb/s optical point-to-point link. Based on an ASIC chip; it performs the transportation of 4 E1 and a fast Ethernet at full speed. The 4E1 fiber multiplexer (BD-OP-4E1-4ETH/M) also provides an order-wire and an auxiliary UART interface for Management. The OPTIMUX offers a highly integrated solution for the perfect function, stable performance and convenience with low power consumption.

The fiber optical multiplexer can support GUI management, which monitor the device’s operation status. The user also can configure the device easily.


n        Merges the Ethernet and time-division multiplex (TDM) transmission to the same pipe.

n        Provides 4*E1 and 4*100Mb/s Fast Ethernet interface(sharing same 100M bandwidth).

n        The standard E1 interfaces comply with ITU-T G.703, G.823 and G.742.

n        Supports either auto-negotiation or hardware configuration selection of the Ethernet operation. 

n        The Ethernet interface supports VLAN and Flow Control function(set by RS232 NMS).

n        Real-time Monitoring and all necessary alarm display for easy management.

n        Supports Local and Remote Loop-back Test.

n        Uses standard telephone set as order-wire(optional)

n        Provides one transparent RS232 interface for user’s data links.

n        Provides RS232 interface for Network Management.

n        Extends the fiber link up to 120 km without any repeater.

n        Compact single board Terminal.

n      Support power AC (100~220V) or DC (-48V),

or double redunctant power AC+DC (optional). 

Optical interface    

Optical wavelength: 850nm/1310nm for multi- mode optical interface,

1310nm/1550nm for single-mode optic interface

Optical interface: SC/FC

Receiving and dispatching module: >-6dBm

Optical receiver receiving sensitivity <-36 (BER<10):

Dynamic range receiving: >-30dB

Transmitting range:

 Multi-mode fiber: 2 Km,

single-mode fiber: 20Km, 40Km, 80 Km,120Km

Vibration characteristic: Satisfies G.742 and the G.823 standard


E1 interface   

Interface code: HDB3 code

Line speed: 2.048Mbp/S ±50ppm

Interface standard: ITU-T G 703

Interface impedance: 75Ω/unbalanced or 120 Ω/ balanced

Interface characteristic: supports rack (19 inches, 6U high)


10/100M Base-T interface

Interface rate:10/100Mbps

Interface characteristic: satisfies IEEE802.3, IEEE802.1Q

Connector: RJ45

Order wire interface

Standard two-wire phone

64Kb/s PCM coding

Dial Tone/Busy/Ring Back.

Working condition

Input voltage: AC220V; AC 110V; DC48V; DC+24V

Power consumption: ≤5W

Operating temperature:  0°C ~ 50°C

Storing temperature: 40°C ~ +70°C

Relative humidity: 95 % 


4 E1 fiber multiplexer application diagram

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