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E1 G.703 to 8 channel RS232 converter
E1 G.703 to 8 chanel RS232 converter realizes data conversion between G.703 E1 and 8channle RS232 interface.The E1 RS232 converter could connect to DTE or DCE device,RS232 could transmit asynchronous 0~115200Kbps self-adapt.

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E1 G.703 to 8channel RS232 converter ,8 channel RS232 over E1 G.703 converter
RS232 rate support 0~115200Kbps self-adapt;
Support  RS232 interface (TXD,RXD,GND)
RS232 support hot-plug, connection to DTE or TCE device;
offer 2 kinds of loop-return function, namely E1 self-looping at local end (ANA) and RS232 self-looping at local end (REM)
AC220V and DC-48V for option, and DC-48V is  not divided into positive and negative pole with simple installation and maintenance;
has the function of pseudo-random code testing(PATT), which brings great convenience for installation, debugging and maintenance of equipment;
E1 interface supports 75ohm, unbalanced and 120ohm balanced impedance at the same time;
E1 Interface
Line Rate: 2.048Mbps
Line Code : HDB
Interface Standard: ITU-T G.703
E1 Impedance: 75ohm(unbalance) and 120ohm(balance)
Connections : dual coax BNC and 120-ohm twisted-pair (RJ45)
Jitter tolerance : finer than G.742 and G.823
Clock:                  internal clock, line clock
Rate:asynchronous mode 0 to 115200 bps auto-adapt.
Interface:                    conform to ITU-T V.24 V.11
Connector:          DB9
Connect mode:   DCE
Power supply                        
working voltage range wide, good        
anti-disturb and Isolation, work stable     
 DC-48V,range DC-36V~DC-72C   
 AC220V,range AC165V~AC240V
Power Consumption:      <=3 Watts
environment condition                  
Operating temperature:  0C~+50 C        
Storage temperature:   -20 C~+70 C
Relative temperature:95% (uncondensed)

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