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RS485 to RS232 interface converter
BD-RS232-RS485/PW is RS485 to RS232 interface converter which realizes data conversion between RS232 and RS485 with power .it make RS232 to balance RS485.

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BD-RS232-RS485/PW is a high performance, more function RS-232/485/422 interface converter. The product configure out connect power, optic-electrical isolation more than 2.5KV. Have small volume, far transmission distance, high rate, steadily performance and so on. It is abroad used in industry control system, It is an interface convert product that have good between performance to price. Adopt itself adapt interface technique, no use for setup switch.
u      Comply with EIA RS232/RS485 stand requirement;
u      RS232 port support DB9 female
u      RS485 port support DB9 male or RJ45 ;
u      RS485 work mode support asychronous half duplex
u      Protect type:150000v surge protect;
u      Transmit rate:75~115200bps;
u      Transmit distance:0~1800meter
u      Dimension:93mm*23mm*62mm
u      Work enviroment:0~60℃,5%~95% relative humity
LED indicator light
Power red, power indication
On: power joined; Off: no power connect
RxD green light, RS-485/422 interface receive data point out, on: There are data that are received; Off: no data receive
TxD yellow light, RS-485/422 interface send datum instruct, on: data sentting ; Off: no data sentting
BD-RS232-RS485/PW offer hanging type and DIN card
    RS232 to RS422 converter application
    RS232 to RS485 converter application

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